New Poll Shows Up To 60% Of iPhone Users Ready to Switch to BlackBerry

MB3556 1.85 x 2.52

Following the much talked about BlackBerry Passport trade up program, CBC news posted a poll on their website asking iPhone user if they would take BlackBerry up on their offer.  The results are surprising even for those of us who know that the Passport truly is a superior device.


Nearly 38 percent of the almost 14,000 who have responded to the poll stated they WILL switch while another 23 percent said they are in the maybe category.  That is a whopping 60% who would or are switching.  A couple of years ago, this would have been unheard of in the Apple world as nothing would have swayed the die hard iPhone user.

The times they are changing.  It seems as though after what seems to be endless issues, hacks, and failed ios updates, user are waking up to a world outside the walled garden. It a big “wide” world our here.  Come on out and roam free.  Click here to see how you can trade up now.