There’s a New Pokémon GO Accessory. Will Anyone Care?

Remember when Pokémon GO was all the rage? Can you believe that was only a year ago?

Do you remember way back when Pokémon GO came bursting on to the scene? It quickly became the world’s most popular app. It seemed that everyone was playing it. It seemed everywhere we went we saw people walking with their phone held out in front of them, looking for those little monsters. There were stories of people falling off cliffs and walking in to traffic as they immersed themselves in the game, and arguments that it would push couch potatoes to exercise. There is no question that the mobile game took the world by storm.

That was only one year ago.

Since the release and instant world take over of the Pokémon hunting game, it seems to have been pretty much forgotten. I honestly did see a woman playing the game in a store just a few weeks back, and was shocked. I hadn’t seen nor heard anything about the game in quite some time.

Now Nintendo is releasing a new peripheral for the game. If you recall, there was already a peripheral for the game. The Pokémon GO Plus. A bracelet with a button that would connect to the player’s phone via Bluetooth that would allow the player to catch the little critters without actually grabbing their phone.

The new peripheral is essentially the same thing. But there is just a huge improvement. Now, instead of a bracelet, it’s a ring. Ok, perhaps it’s not much of an improvement. Apparently, by utilizing a ring instead of a bracelet, catching Pokémon with the accessory is now a one handed job instead of two.

Does that mean it’s half the exercise?

The new accessory has so far been launched in Japan, and there’s been no word yet if the button will be heading to other markets.

Did you ever play Pokémon GO? Are you still?



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