New Passport Owner? Don’t Panic! BlackBerry’s Got You Covered.

And don’t forget your towel!

Just got your shiny new BlackBerry Passport and coming from an all touch BlackBerry, or another platform?  Or maybe you are a dedicated legacy / “Q” PKB Warrior and this ‘hybrid’ thing is confusing?

Not to worry. BlackBerry understands and they have a Support page up on that’s dedicated to help you make the transition:  BlackBerry Passport Support.

There are four main ‘areas’ on the page – Device Setup, Navigating and Tips, Application Support, and Troubleshooting.  In addition, below the main body there’s a page link to help you Transfer Content to your “new BlackBerry 10 smartphone”.  It’s all quite comprehensive, and clearly BlackBerry is aware that some of us might find this delightful (yet complex) OS a bit intimidating at first blush (it’s okay, I came from iOS to BlackBerry 10 and it takes time to adjust).  So if you’re hitting any snags in transition, please take a moment and see if your questions have already been answered.  And if you know anyone in the same boat, please share the link!

And for those of you who actually LIKE to RTFM?  Oh yeah, you’re totally covered.  BlackBerry has released a 46 page e-Book (in PDF Format) entitled “Discover the BlackBerry Passport” detailing all of the features of the Passport including the ever-so- handy (and unique) BlackBerry Shortcuts for the Hub, Browser, et al.  For example, pressing the L key within the browser will reload the webpage.  I’m new to the PKB world, these shortcuts are fantastic!

Here’s the link to download:  Discover the BlackBerry Passport eBook

Normally I wouldn’t dig through a manual, but in this instance, it was worth it.  So I encourage you to hit the download link and find out what this great little WIDE device can do.

Happy hunting!  And remember:

Don’t Panic!