New Malware Will Steal Your Cryptocurrency Wallet

2018 will probably be a year when malware gets stronger and of course much more complex. A new malware dubbed Squirt Danger, named after a DLL file that is used on the enterprise servers, can give those who are running the malware the ability to do numerous things, among those is the ability to clean out your cryptocurrency wallet. 

The malware was discovered by Palo Alto Unit 42. As soon as the malware is activated, the attacker can steal files, take screenshots of sensitive info on the computer, and steal the virtual money. According to the research, the malware has already hit private users, but has also reached organizations around the world. A university in Turkey and a communications company in South Africa and several other Asian countries are among the victims.

Squirt Danger is available to anyone who pays a fee, and it seems that it’s attacks are not intended for one purpose only. What is interesting is that according to the research company, the malware was written by one individual, and it is not a malware developed by organizations or a bunch of hackers.

“It represents the work of an individual who has developed malware for quite some time, and is familiar with both malware development, as well as the current trends on the criminal underground.”



Roy Shpitalnik

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