New Malware Targeting Ukrainian Government

Some will say that this is not deliberate, but it seems that someone is looking for the Ukrainian government.

One of the most dangerous malware directed itself at the Ukrainian government, how do you know it? The ESET researchers who discovered the malware simply discovered a number of cases in which the malware does not even attempt to damage the computer it penetrated and it even destroys itself.

The malware called Vermin has been active for some time, and like any computer malware, it comes through phishing scams. The thing with Vermin is that it’s very powerful, and it can record people who talk near the computer it entered and of course steal information from devices connected to the computer. On the subject of theft, she knows how to steal the information she needs, that is, to distinguish between types of files and their content.

Once the malware are inside the device, it runs every 10 minutes to continue to exist, and the Vermin comes with two other less powerful ones, Sobaken and Quasar.

Once she has penetrated the victim’s device, she tries to figure out if she has reached the device that has something to look for, so she first searches the computer / keyboard language, and if she is not in Russian or Ukrainian, she will eliminate herself if the IP of the computer is not Russian or Ukrainian It will carry out the same act of self-liquidation. Until now it has been discovered only on computers connected with the Ukrainian government.



Roy Shpitalnik

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