New Malware spying on Middle East Android users

As if there not enough problems in the Middle East, new malware is spying in the area.

Reports of a new Android malware is spreading and due to the information known, it seems to be state run. The problem is that nothing is known about who or why only certain devices are being attacked.

ZDnet report talks about a malware transmitted through infected sites and telegram groups. The malware itself is very powerful and can steal any information on your smart device, whether it’s all the passwords, contacts, and browser data on your device. The attackers can also take actions that the attacker does not notice, such as sending quiet conversations (which will not appear on the screen of the device being attacked) and of course new commands that disrupt the device and may even be impersonating him for espionage purposes.

According to the known information, the Malware has existed since 2015 and the countries of the Middle East are the ones that were attacked mainly, according to the ZDnet website, including Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. The researchers who found the malware claim that in total there are fewer than 100 infected users, meaning that the malware is intended for certain users, and it appears that this is a state-owned malware.

The current situation is that Kaspersky Lab is still active, but it is not known who is behind the attacks and why. It is also possible that these are companies that carry out espionage for various reasons.


Roy Shpitalnik

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