New Lost in Space Trailer Presents the Robot!

The first trailer was missing something.

The first trailer for the new Netflix incarnation of Lost in Space was a hopeful introduction to the Robinson family. But it was missing something. Something that just should have been there. The robot. Come on, the robot’s call of “Danger Will Robinson” is the most unforgettable aspect of the original 60’s television show. Now there’s a new trailer, and it delivers where the first failed.

In this trailer, we get to see how the family actually gets lost. As their space station breaks apart and they end up in Canada. Ok, once we get past the snow, we see it’s not really Canada. But come on, you all thought it.

We’re also finally introduced to the robot. And no, sadly this robot doesn’t even remotely look like Robbie the Robot of yore. Instead, the robot looks to resemble something from Netflix’s other show, Stranger Things. But we do get what we came for, and we get to hear the classic words, “Danger Will Robinson”.

It seems this time though, the robot isn’t part of the crew. It could be something more alien, or it could be the robot belonging to what appears to be a female version of foil Dr. Smith

With that, I’m all in. On April 13th, the new Lost in Space starts streaming on Netflix. Don’t try to reach me, I’ll be busy,


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