New “Leaked” Photos Appear Days Before Official KEY2 Launch Event

Leaker Evan Blass tweets out some new photos.

Notorious leaker Evan Blass has taken to Twitter with new photos of the upcoming KEY2. This time, the photos have a more “SE” feel to them. Previous renders showed the phone in black. The overwhelming response to the renders have been excitement, but there were a few out there, like myself, that wondered about a specific design element that seemed to be missing. Where’s the frets?

The frets between the rows of keys on the classic BlackBerry keyboard are a throwback to the Bold’s of yore. With the KEYone, BlackBerry Mobile turned it up a notch by cutting those frets into the surround of the phone. It’s a thing of beauty. The original KEY2 renders had me wondering if we were taking a step back in terms of design. With these new renders in silver, I’m no longer concerned.

As a longtime BlackBerry user, I can say without a doubt that the BlackBerry Passport SE was by far the nicest looking phone BlackBerry has ever put out. The phone was nice, fancy even, and yet there was no doubt that the phone was sturdy and would hold up to anything you threw at it.

These new renders look like the marriage of the BlackBerry KEYone and the BlackBerry Passport SE. Taking the best of both worlds and presenting a device that may be looking back, but is ready for the future. I know there will be a lot of people out there hoping for an all black version, but this silver version is exactly what I needed to convince me this will be a great upgrade to the BlackBerry KEYone.



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