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Recently a financial site blogged something noteworthy about BlackBerry. That alone borders on ‘earth shattering’ but wait, there’s more!

Not only did they refrain from using the word ‘beleaguered‘ they went so far as to state that, “BlackBerry Ltd is Better Than Android at Mobile Security“!!

I almost fell out of my chair! Many of us are loyal fans of OS10 while others are fans of android – but along comes a third-party with no skin in the game claiming that the newest entrant into the Android arena has done a better job locking down the software than the old guard that have been Android since the get-go – including the big name players!

We all recall the doubts that were going around when BlackBerry first announced the Priv would be powered by Android. The company who’s had security baked into its’ DNA was going to roll the dice on a new platform. What if there were vulnerabilities that led to a hack? Reputations were at stake – this had to be done right the first time! Luckily, our man John Chen has the vision and abilities to lock down the most popular platform on the planet.

If you have any doubt about BlackBerry’s commitment to security here’s an excerpt from the blog-

As it does every month, Alphabet Inc — Google’s parent entity — sent out its latest security bulletin a little over a week ago. The document covers all of the latest safety and privacy issues facing the company’s mobile operating system. Beating every one to it, BlackBerry was the first to send out a patch that addressed all the vulnerabilities listed on the bulletin. What’s even more impressive is that this was all done within 24 hours of the bulletin’s release.

Lest you think this was a one-time occurrence the article continues-

The company released a statement around the same time claiming it was the “first OEM” to send out patches in line with Google’s public disclosure. Further, the event was not a first time occurrence. BlackBerry has actually been issuing patches within hours of Google’s monthly bulletin since the release of the Priv handset. It is clear that the company is determined to prove it truly can keep its devices safe regardless of whether they run its in-house OS or not.

Many handset makers running Android on their smartphones normally take anywhere between a few days to a few months to address Google’s advertised vulnerabilities. The Web giant started sending out month bulletins to inform users and manufacturers in August last year. This came after a number of Android-related security and privacy arose in relation to Stagefright.

DTEK by BlackBerry
Finally, the author closes with the following-

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) has kept on top of these updates since it took on the Android OS.

Other mobile device vendors can take weeks, months or even years to deliver security patches,” the Ontario-based firm bragged in a blog post. BlackBerry’s steadfast commitment to timely security updates is just one of the many reasons why BlackBerry continues to be the undisputed leader in mobile privacy and security.”



So if you use Android

And value Security

Demand a Priv!





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