New Hit on the Dark Net: Selling Frequent Flyer Miles

It may sound trifling, but it can open a lot of doors.

The Dark Net is booming and now the business of selling frequent flyer miles is becoming a big hit among online surfers. According to researchers from Comparitech, flight benefits from companies such as British, Delta and Emirates, and of course other companies, are available for free flights, entrance to prestigious lounges and upgrades to business class.

The price of the frequent flyer miles in Dark Net is very small, allowing purchasers to pick up large quantities of miles at a very affordable price. 

The points can be found in Dream Market, for example, one of the more well-known “markets” or Berlusconi Market, which is also considered such. The hackers themselves obtain the these miles through attacks on airline websites, especially the accounts of their customers. Buyers of these illegal miles would not use the miles for free flights or hotel bookings as it would be easy to track, but can use these points for various retail offerings that don’t require identification. Since users aren’t apt to keep a close eye on their miles, the theft of user’s miles can go unnoticed for months at a time. 

Prices are cheap as originally written, and the researchers add that the prices are not uniform and range from 45 euros per package of 200,000 points of Delta to $ 884 for Virgin’s 100,000-point package.

If you have been saving your own frequent flyer miles, it may be a good time to check your balance.


Roy Shpitalnik

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