New fake Instagram apps steal your account

There are Instagram related apps that promise their users to manage their account and increase their likes and followers. But downloader beware because some are fake apps that steal your account.

There are Instagram users that want more likes and followers, so some of them use third party apps to achieve it. But what they don’t know is that those apps are used to take control over their real Instagram account.

When you downloaded the app, you are requested to insert your username and password. The app will always show you that the details you entered are incorrect, but in this very moment your account details are stolen. The next step for the attackers is to ask the users to connect the app through the real Instagram app, and this is the moment your account is no longer in your control.

How can you know that your app is fake ? The app will show you an Instagram-like main screen, but with one big difference; the page is used by Google translate. This indicates that the app is a fake app with fake landing page.

The attackers use your account to send spam, and to sell your photos and comments to anyone.

Google has already deleted the offending apps from the Google Play Store, but new apps will appear as always. If you have those apps on your device, first delete them, and change your account password.

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Roy Shpitalnik

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