New Email Scam is Targeting Netflix Subscribers

We are used to hearing about scams in cyberspace, especially emails sent to us and trying to extract information about us. This time it’s a little more sophisticated trick aimed at Netflix subscribers around the world. It works like this, subscribers receive an email that seems very reliable from Netflix on the suspicion that their account will be suspended soon and raises the possibility of charging the account. The subscriber is required to re-enter the account details and the attackers receive the customer’s account number.

Netflix subscribers received e-mails that looked very reliable, because the email sent to the user’s e-mail would scan the user’s e-mail. In a number of cases this did not work cleanly and thus exceeded the fraud. In addition, the site to which Netflix users were referred is not at all the official site but only looks like this. This is a WordPress based site that simulates Netflix’s official website.

Once the users entered their details and the attackers received the information they needed to access the user’s account, a screen was received that notified the account’s been reactivated.

It is very important that you thoroughly check emails from suppliers / service providers, to check the reliability and logic of the email you received. And of course if necessary contact the same provider to check whether such mail was sent to you.



Roy Shpitalnik

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