New Deck Building D&D Game Now Available!

Dungeons and Dragons just got a little more user-friendly. Catalyst Game Labs has announced that their deck-building Dungeons & Dragons based game, Dragonfire, is now available!

Tabletop gaming has many different formats and genres. One of the quintessential games that became the gateway for so many others is Dungeons and Dragons. However, this game has a huge learning curve. As a traditionally pen-and-paper RPG, it’s not very easy for new people to feel welcomed into the culture. Pen-and-paper games are all about stats, skills, role-playing, creativity, and ingenuity. It’s a custom-built experience that can last decades when you find the right groove. That’s pretty intimidating for anyone looking to enter into the realms of D&D.

Alternately, deck building games (like Magic: The Gathering) are a bit more entry-level. These games carry a lot of the same story-based elements that can engender favor with traditional gamers. However, having the decks of cards help newbies learn the game without having to remember the overwhelming wealth of information about each character, opponent, spell, and ability.

Bringing the cherished world of Dungeons and Dragons to a deck-building format will open up the realms to many more gamers.



Erica Davis

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