New Breach in Whatsapp – new users entered into private groups without permission

A serious security breach, some would say even more than just serious is in Whatsapp. German researchers have found a simple bug that allows hackers to put new users into a closed group within Whatsapp almost without anyone noticing. The reason that this serious breach is not that it is a simple procedure that every hacker can do, but that intelligence organizations / governments are strong enough to take advantage of the breach in order to read the messages of users.

According to the researchers, anyone who gets control of Whatsapp’s servers means that strong organizations such as Intelligence agency’s   / governments can put users into groups without the need for data validation, group administrator approval, and any other means of identification. Can take advantage of the loophole.

The breach was reported to Whatsapp and Facebook several months ago and Whatsapp admitted the bug is real and claim that there is no secret way to enter into the groups. and that new users always appears when entered the group. The answer is a bit strange because in groups that send hundreds of messages a day, you can easily enter without anyone noticing.

The only security in Whatsapp today is encryption while sending a message.

Applications such as Three-ma and Signal that is actually the Whatsapp protocol are also exposed to these vulnerabilities.


Roy Shpitalnik

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