New Breach in Facebook, Affected 50 Million users

Once again, a loophole on Facebook affects a large number of users.

Facebook reported through the company’s vice president of product, Guy Rosen, that it located a hole three days ago, which affected about 50 million users.

According to Facebook, this is a loophole used by the View As feature, which allows users to see how others see their account. The attackers took advantage of 3 bugs and could actually use such accounts as if it were theirs. According to Facebook, they hit 50 million users, about 2.5% of Facebook users.

The attackers took advantage of weakness and hijacked the Tucans and if you found out last week that your account was log off this means that Facebook has rebooted your account to fix the breach. In addition to the 50 million people affected by Facebook, Facebook accounts for another 90 million users, who probably might have been affected, they fear .

Facebook claims they’re still investigating the case and probably we’ll hear about this loophole that adds to the big blunder with Cambridge Analytics.


Roy Shpitalnik

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