Is This The New BlackBerry Mercury?

Images popped up online yesterday that may or may not be the BlackBerry Mercury.

Images surfaced online yesterday purported to be the BlackBerry Mercury. As we should all know by now, the upcoming BlackBerry Mercury, which is rumored to carry the name DTEK70 once released, is a return to the classic keyboard candybar form factor which BlackBerry was always known for. Of course, this time, it will be an android phone.


What do we know about this phone? At this point, only rumors. The images that popped up yesterday seem to fall right in line with these rumors. But is this the device? We don’t know. It very well could be. It may also be a test device, or even just a mocked up device based on fan renders and rumors.


There is one thing I do know about this phone though. I want it! If the BlackBerry Mercury is even close to this image, it may just be the perfect BlackBerry for me. The classic BlackBerry 4 row keyboard, coupled with the design stylings of the BlackBerry Passport SE? Count me in!

And if this is what the final phone will look like, BlackJack will be very happy. Remember his render of the Blackjack Classic 2?

What do you think? Would this be the phone for you?



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