The new BlackBerry from Merah Putih?

A first look at the Merah Putih device.

Have we seen, as posted on Gabriel Radewa Purba’s channel C000DAC5C, the new BlackBerry device for Indonesia from PT BB Merah Putih? While this remains unconfirmed, it’s a glimpse at what the next device could be for the emerging market.

Check out the front and back pictures. I personally think Z30 on the front, which is a great form factor.

merah putih

There’s a rumored spec sheet floating around, as well. ¬†Here’s what we found on Twitter:

Sound off below with what your thoughts are.


Kevin Button

Kevin is a BlackBerry enthusiast and is known to be shouting it from the tops of mountains.

  • anthogag

    It looks good. “4GB RAM” does standout.

  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    4gb of ram should help make up for lower spec sd425. Pricing for this model will be extremely important.

  • zensen

    The front looks great and has a BlackBerry logo where it should be.

    The back, I’m not so fond of but it does look grippy.

    For a “low end” device it’ll be a decent multi-tasker with 4gb ram and enough storage + sd card to handle daily work.

    Decent screen for 5.5 esp when you compare that to the recent low end alcatel phones.

    Obviously the spec sheet isn’t final but I hope the Indonesians embrace this local build and is priced to suit the market.

    • That all glass front with the beveled glass looks great!

  • Nice to have the BlackBerry logo in the front, but the overall look is pretty much like those cheap Samsung phones lol