New BlackBerry Leaps onto the shelves at Carphone Warehouse!


Following a visit from a member of the UTB team here in the UK, we are pleased to confirm that Carphone Warehouse UK are now stocking the new BlackBerry Leap handset in some of their bigger ‘Wireless’ stores.

In-store staff at the location visited were not only aware of the Leap, but  were, in fact, very positive in their comments about BlackBerry’s latest all-touch offering. They said the Leap had “a very high quality feel to it – it’s nice to hold, with a great screen.” One staff member noted that it was very good value at the £214.99 price point used during training. All of the staff had been trained on the Leap by their ‘BlackBerry Rep’ and had had prior hands-on experience with a demo unit, so their knowledge of BlackBerry 10’s various features was pretty good.

There were no prices for Prepaid or Monthly contract available, so the £214.99 ‘training’ price may come down as more complete pricing is available. Our contact at BlackBerry has informed us that final pricing will be around £199.99 (as it is on and Vodafone in the UK are stocking Leap at £175.99 on Prepaid.

From the staff feedback at this store, as well as other previews in the UK and worldwide, it looks like BlackBerry may be on to a winner with the Leap, let’s just hope it gets the in-store (and media) promotion it deserves.

Jon Hunnings

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