New BlackBerry Android Site Opens Up


A short time ago, news broke that BlackBerry had acquired some Android focused domains. The timing of this was almost magical as this was also at the height of the rumor that BlackBerry would be producing Android phones.

Today, Inside BlackBerry  introduced these sites to the public. As a major part of BlackBerry’s business is securing mobile devices of all platforms, and as Android is the dominant platform, it makes sense that BlackBerry would show a focus on this. The site, is being used as a hub for current news articles related to Android security, and in my mind, will be a great marketing tool to be used by BlackBerry as they approach enterprise customers. Are these television commercials which BlackBerry can merely hope a CIO happened to watch? No, this is a site that aggregates news about Android security from many different sources, that BlackBerry can direct these CIO’s to as they call on them. I think this is a great idea.

However, I am starting to wonder, did the existence of these sites help lead to the rumors of an upcoming BlackBerry Android device? It’s starting to look like it. I’ve heard rumors of Android and Google Play running on BB10 within the halls of BlackBerry going all the way back to the Z10. In fact, the first time I was told that it would happen, I was told with no uncertainty that it would be on 10.2, by people that swore they saw it, and used it. That didn’t happen. It makes you wonder doesn’t it?


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