New BBM beta lands with “paid stickers”

Well here we go with even more surprises from our friends at BlackBerry today!

The latest version of BBM just landed in the Beta Zone for the few, the proud, and the lucky. Version 10.3v10.64 is here, and like its predecessor has stickers to send and receive with other beta sticker users. Now before you go installing this, take note. If you don’t want to lose your BBM convos/chat history, make sure you go into settings and turn on “save chat history” first!


Unlike the previous version however, there is one additional sticker pack, and you must pay for it. Yes… for a whopping $1.99 you too can have 20 more stickers! Here’s a look at the first offering from the BBM team…


I’m not going to pretend I know exactly who the target audience and/or demographic is. I’ll leave that up to you dear gentle reader. Here’s a tidbit of info regarding the artist…


Good luck Amelie Wentrup, I sincerely hope the sales go well!

BTW… I decided to “fall on the sword” and purchase this sticker pack to see how the process goes. I purchased before starting to write this blog entry but the “Confirm Purchase” screen has not cleared yet. Hmmm… I wonder if it’s because I changed my BBID password last week and this is my first purchase with this password… Hmmm… I’ll update when I find out.


***Update*** I decided to reboot the Z30. Lo and behold the purchase went through without a hitch (as per usual).



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