Neutron Music Player – App update



Earlier today Neutron Music Player underwent a major update.  This is a must have NATIVE app for playing music and well worth the money! This app is rich in features and will not disappoint those who stream/listen to music on their phone. Please visit BlackBerry World or download it here.




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  • I’ll have to look into it Rob. I got it a while back after Nerdy did a post and then deleted it, although I can’t remember why. It’s always nice to revisit these apps to see what the updates are cause you may decide to use it.

  • This player is by far the most powerful music player in BlackBerry World.
    This should be a pre-install for BB10. But must also have a better user interface. That’s the only issue with this player, the user interface is not friendly and good looking.

    They need to rectify this. If they do they will see more sales too.

    • razrrob

      While it is powerful it’s not the most intuitive.