Netflix Update Brings Downloadable Content

Like watching Netflix? Hate blowing through your data allowance? Netflix’s newest update brings an exciting new feature.

I have Netflix. I use it nearly everyday. One thing I never do though, is use it on my phone. Why not? It’s not a matter of access. It’s one of the first apps I sideloaded on my BB10 devices. But I really just did that to show others that it worked. Now that I have an android powered Priv, I never even installed it. There are two primary reasons for that.

Reason 1: Why watch a movie on a phone? The small screen of a phone isn’t really the best way to watch a movie. When I watch Netflix, it’s at home on a large flat panel TV, and it’s great. The only time I would really want to watch a video on a phone is when I’m on the go. Which leads to….

Reason 2: Netflix, and streaming video of any type, is a data hog. Want to blow through your data as quickly as possible? Go stream some movies. Now, I have an unlimited data allowance, but the habit is already formed. I just can’t bring myself to stream a movie while on the road.

Netflix has now addressed this with one simple addition. Downloadable content! Now, with the latest update to Netflix, we can download content for offline use. Included with all Netflix plans, users can now choose to download content while at home on a WiFi connection, and watch it while on the go, without fear of burning up their data allowance.

Unfortunately, not all content is available for download. Select titles and are available, but this is far from a slim collection. From within the app on your device, simply head to the menu and choose “Available for Download”. This will take you to the titles that are available for download. Your downloaded videos then show in a separate “My Downloads” section of the menu, waiting for you to watch.

This is such a big improvement to how Netflix works, that I’ve now installed it on my Priv, and am now downloading episodes of The Twilight Zone. Man I love The Twilight Zone!

Head to the Google Play Store and update your Netflix app now for the new feature!




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