Netflix Introduces Smart Downloads

Downloading your favorite series just got easier.

It wasn’t too long ago that Netflix introduced the ability to download content for offline play from within their Android application. That ability just received a fairly smart update with the introduction of Smart Downloads.

Smart Downloads seems built for those that watch collected series on Netflix, and brings almost a podcast application quality to the Netflix app. With Smart Downloads enabled, when you have chosen to download an episode of a series, once that episode has been viewed, it will be deleted, and the next episode automatically downloaded. By removing the last episode automatically, users will not need to worry about space being filled up on their phone, and the next episode will only download once the phone is connected to WiFi so there is no worry about your data allowance being used up. For those that spend their lunch break catching up on episodic content, this seems like a great feature.

The feature is opt in, so if you are the type that wants to fill up your phone with movies for a road trip, this new feature won’t be for you, and won’t restrict you from doing that.

Are you a Netflix user that downloads content to your phone? Will you be using this new feature?

Source: Netflix


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