Netflix Gives an Even Stranger (Things) Teaser

There’s something new to fear in Hawkins.

Stranger Things came out of nowhere, and blew us all away. The Netflix series truly brings together all the best aspects of 80’s movies. The younger generation that would fit right in Goonies or Stand By Me. The teenagers that are just asking for a Freddy or Jason to come hunting them. And a monster. There just had to be a monster.

Stranger Things could have been horrible, if it didn’t get the period right. But it did. It did it perfectly, right down to the intro that is done in that perfect 80’s style. Which is even more surprising when you find out the brother creators were born in the 80’s and are far too young to have experienced it themselves.

Netflix has dropped a new teaser trailer, that introduces a whole new fear to the sleepy town of Hawkins, that once again, truly belongs in the 80’s universe the series inhabits. That is of course, the mall!

The teaser is nothing more than a period perfect advertisement for a local mall. Showing off all those ever lasting stores we love to visit like Sam Goody and Waldenbooks. Ok, perhaps some did not hold up so well.

As for hints to the storyline? You won’t find any here. In fact, there’s only a “blink and you miss it” moment to see someone you recognize from the series. That is Steve and a new character portrayed by Maya Hawke who we haven’t met yet. Both doomed to the life of mallrats it seems.

No, we know nothing about the new season, but I bet this won’t be the last we see of the Starcourt Mall which is “coming next summer”.


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