Netflix Coming to BB10, Maybe Not…


A few days ago I posted that the new Netflix site was HTML5 and would run on BlackBerry 10 browsers. And we had a couple of BlackBerry users confirm that this was the case and were even able to stream a movie. However, this now doesn’t seem to be the case.

A few of us here at UTB have apparently been transitioned to the new site, it works great by the way, but when we go to stream a movie, it returns us to the same page as the previous site telling us we need a PC and the Silverlight plug in. This doesn’t fall in line with what we were expecting to say the least.

We are now asking you, those BlackBerry users with Netflix accounts, can you:
A) verify you have the new site. If you do, a pop up will come up first telling you about the new site.


B) verify that you can or cannot stream videos.

Thanks in advance.


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