Netflix Brings An Even Stranger Thing

This Russian sucks.

Who loves Stranger Things? We do! Who loved the new Russian character Dr. Alexei who loved Slurpees? We did! Who wants to watch Dr. Alexei sucking on a Slurpee for 12 hours? We … wait… what?

Netflix has been known to make some odd decisions. Some might even call them strange. Well, this is a definite stranger thing. Netflix uploaded a 12 hour video to it’s YouTube page of Dr. Alexei. But this is no new content. Nope. Not at all. It is a looped video. A looped video of Dr. Alexei sucking on his Slurpee.

Well, that was just unnecessary.

Why would Netflix do such a thing? It’s not as if Stranger Things needs any new marketing. The world is in love with the series. And it hardly seems like this would be that great of a marketing gimmick. However, we are talking about it. And at the time of this writing, the video has almost 420,000 views. I wonder, has anyone actually watched the full 12 hours? And if so, is there some hidden easter egg in there somewhere?

Watch the video below, and let us know just how long you watched it.


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