Nemory Studios Working On New Native Twitter Client Twittly And Its Coming Quick

A quick trip down Nemory lane (pun intended)

When the BlackBerry 10 community was still young after the launch of the first BlackBerry 10 device, there were people who were clamoring for big time BlackBerry 10 native apps. However some companies, in their blindness, just flat out refused to develop BlackBerry apps. There was even a story about how a prominent BlackBerry in-house app developer and app relations officer, who had already gathered a top coder team, was telling companies “We will come to your doorstep, we will code for you”. That was how dedicated BlackBerry was, committed to bringing these so called big time “popular” apps to the platform. And these companies did the worst anyone thought they could, they just didn’t bother. No response, no saying “sorry, but no thank you”. Just outright invisible treatment.

Then along came a group of developers, and they saw what happened, and despite their limited resources, they made some VERY GOOD APPS, and delivered what these companies refused to.

They came, they saw, they coded, they delivered.

Nemory Studios were among them.

Today Nemory Studios is hard at work on a Twitter client app.

Say what?

Yes, a Twitter app.

If you’re familiar with Twitter, and the dev-sphere that surrounds it, and look at Twitter as a platform, then you’ll see there are still a lot of opportunities for developers. In this case, the BlackBerry users of Twitter are still a good potential market to tap into. Don’t believe me?

The name of the app is called … TWITTLY.

Nemory’s way of conducting his closed beta is to put his app up for a short predetermined amount of time (or 100 downloads, whichever is faster), and then takes it down. So if you happen to be very lucky, you can just open up BlackBerry Beta Zone App, and then you’ll see the app called “Twittly” sitting right there for you to download. However, since it is a closed beta, Nemory has implemented a keycode / unlock code that you need to key in the moment you open the app. Its like a password, but only needed for the first time. Nemory will not distribute his .bar file any other way, so he’s sticking by his own rules that he himself has set. He has his own reasons why, but at discretion I’m not going to write about it until much later where I can get into more detail, in a future review.

In the case of yours truly, this is what happened;

When Nemory released his app into a closed beta, he could not just publish it in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. He needed to take it down, because there are just so many downloads even though there are only 50 testers in the group (there are about 50 testers in the Beta Zone group, not to mention other testers, and in some cases, reporters like me). And when there are a small group of ready testers that need to get the app, he takes it up online again, and the group will have to go to blackberry beta zone and download it. The problem? Others who aren’t in the beta will still download it anyway, with or without keycodes (in this case, unlock codes), so it becomes numerically odd that there are about 50 testers (give and take extra 30) yet Nemory had to open up 100 slots each time only a handful of his selected beta testers try to get the app, and in some cases, too late, because somebody else not within the group have already grabbed it from BlackBerry Beta Zone.

So when you look into that, you get the idea that people are prepared to download this app, for many reasons. Whether you are just curious, or you want to comment about it, talk about it, just be a part of a culture of ‘exclusively first while it was there bla bla’ group, etc, the demand is strong and people are already curious. But the problem is that Nemory is interested in feedback and suggestions, and more feedback and suggestions. Because this app is in alpha build stage. It is not meant to be your daily driver for Twitter usage and consumption just yet.

And that’s where, as far as I can see, some issues related to developing arise. Nemory works hard to add features, delete unwanted bugs, trying to accommodate his vision, and trying to give his customers what they want. But some people think they’re that entitled, the moment they load up the app and gets an error (hey, its an alpha build) they go crazy and start wailing and flailing their arms on the twittersphere (and in some cases, ironically, using the very app that Nemory built, to complain about the app that Nemory built, haha! )



Twittly isn’t just your average “new kid on the block” Twitter App. The design is tailored for power users. After all, the bulk of the testers are very active Twitter users themselves, and if you look into the idea of Twitter as a platform, then you know different people use Twitter for different things. In the parts of the world where I live in, we call it Twitterjaya (like you’ll give a Twitter town name) and the people that breathe, sleep, drink, talk, do Twitter as “Tweetfamous” personalities(especially if they actually are re-tweet-able figures (or their tweets get a lot of retweets). This app is built around that premise, as far as my impression goes, and I think in that sense it has a lot of room to build upon.


I have some screenshots that I would like to share (since other parts of Twittly have been posted by other sites, and I was reliably informed that there are still many changes to be made, but these screenshots I’ve posted should give you the idea of what Nemory wants to achieve).

Sample pictures:


When replying  to a tweet / composing a new one.  Notice the other options available? That’s a LOT of options available.


Reading a tweet, this is how a typical home screen is. At a glance, you’re going to process a WHOLE LOT of information, because this screen itself gives out a lot of information.


Clicking a tweet and seeing the options, power users would love this. I’m aware that more options will be added.

Yes, I chose the colour green on a dark mode, although I’m requesting for a neon green / Kawasaki green colour to be added. Yes, I’m a #LFC fan and a #Kawasaki fanatic.

Aren’t they lovely?

P/S: PSA: you can drop comments here if you want to see features, or bugs, etc. Not exactly everything will be forwarded, especially if the bugs are already known (its not as simple as taking aerosol and spraying them till they’re dead) and its still getting some time to get fixed. But meanwhile, contributing comments are always welcome, because Nemory wants to serve as many audience as he can fit into.