Nemory Studios Present Twittly Arriving 10/15 in BlackBerry World.

The App “Twittly”


Nemory Studios’ much anticipated Twittly will be arriving in BlackBerry World on 10/15!

The app will be USD1.99 for the ‘Pro’ version, and in customary Nemory Studios style, you can download a ‘Free’ version which provides the basic utilities so that you can sample the app.

My first impression was written here in this article dated August 26th, and now I would like to update this.

To make sure i’m getting the right message across:

1. You are going to love customizability on Twittly.

2. You are going to love personalization options in Twittly.

3. You are going to love the ability to scale from a new user, to a normal consumer, to a prosumer, to content producer, to all out power user of Twitter, all via Twittly. Because it can scale, and it is that darn good.

4. Whatever Twitter App you have, Twittly is going to make the others sweat, and you’ll have a really good bang for buck, a good run for money spent.

It’s been a long time, and a lot of effort paid off, especially to Nemory’s team of “Twittly Hardcores”. Special thanks to Nemory for allowing me to participate (although admittedly i’m not used to beta testing, especially the fact that I’m not even near a power user level of Twitter user) and enjoy the process of participating and observing Nemory making Twittly.

Again, reminder, its free for basic version, USD1.99 for PRO version.

I wouldn’t need to talk much because I’ll just suggest you to download the free version, then upgrade to the PRO version once you’ve tried out the free one.

Because I’ll dare say its that darn good.






Just some official screenshots for you all