Nemory Studios Facebook Messenger Updated



In case you missed it, Nemory Studios released a much anticipated updated to the Messenger for Facebook app. Available in both Pro and Lite options, this update sees the following improvements;

  • Fixed connection issues
  • New and improved chat page
  • New stickers store
  • Send and receive photos
  • Send and receive stickers
  • Improved performance
  • Read and Seen indicators
  • Marks as read when opened

If you’re a Facebook Messenger user that would like a native built app, head to BlackBerry World and download now.

To follow Nemory Studios, find them on BBM Channels at: C0042916B


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  • SipoKapumba

    It seems to me that Nemory has just linked Facebook Messenger to the Facebook Web app, so, his latest update simply invokes the Web app. This is not really an update. I would like to hear the opinions of others.

  • Martin

    It’s great to see active developers producing apps for BlackBerry…although, doesn’t the native fb app have built in messenger in the Hub.

  • SipoKapumba

    I meant to say Nemory has programmed his Facebook Messenger to invoke the page in his Messenger app. His Messenger was a bit of a mess. Unfortunately, there is no way I can increase the text font in the updated messenger, just like in the original one.