Nemory Studios Breaks 1 Million Downloads!

You know… I was going to do a “What Grinds My Gears” blog stating that all the naysayers are so wrong about native BlackBerry app sales being weak. But the news itself is so much better unfettered.

So here it is. Nemory Studios, developer of numerous excellent  apps for our favourite platform BlackBerry 10 has accumulated over 1, 055,866 downloads! This is fantastic!

Congratulations Nemory Studios!
Congratulations Nemory Studios!


Here’s a list of Nemory Studios high quality creations:


Messenger for Facebook

Where’s My Phone

Xtreme Maps Pro

Super Street View

We here at UTBblogs salute Nemory Studios, and offer our most sincere congratulations! Hats off to you Nemory Oliver Martinez. Actually, everybody in the entire BlackBerry community is extremely proud, and happy to have you here creating native BlackBerry apps for our millions of happy users. It’s people/developers like you that make the difference.

So, take a bow sir, you deserve the kudos.

Sure, it grinds my gears that the negative Nancy’s on other platforms think BlackBerry is missing some apps, but we know it’s not true!

You know who you are
You know who you are


But we have the likes of Nemory Studios to set them straight.

Mr. Martinez, thanks for letting UTBblogs sing your praises.

Don’t stop, because we won’t.


Ray reminded me that this feat was accomplished in 10 months!

100,000 downloads a month looks pretty damn good to this blogger! Thanks Ray!



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