Need To Shop For a BlackBerry?

Well I have been thinking about purchasing a new phone, I was sure about the brand, BlackBerry of course. I wasn’t so sure about the model. So off I go to my favourite Mobile Phone outlet, hmm, gone were the people I’m used to dealing with. No matter, I’m sure these new ones could help me out. Big surprise. I asked to see a Z10, no problem. Nice screen. Nice size…do you have assessories? Yes we do. How much? Free with a two year plan, cool. How much would a Z30 be? Same price at the moment, difference in price outright -$300 more than the Z10. I asked to see a Z30 and was told they did not stock it so I asked if they will get one in so I could see if it was comfortable in my hand. No, they will not do that, but here is a nice Droid with the same screen size. I can see where this is going. I emphatically said BlackBerry only. The little twerp asked me why I would want one of those anyway. Seems by this time he felt comfortable enough to imply that I was an idiot. So I humoured him and began to explain how amazing BB10 was, I quit when I saw the blank look as soon as I started to mention some of the features. Obviously this guy had no training about the product. At this point I was starting to get a little discouraged, especially so when the Q10 I wanted to try was straight out of the box and hadn”t been charged, at least he got it out of the box. They didn’t have a Q5. The only new thing I learned was that iPhones come in several colours….they had one of each on display. I can imagine the frustration a consumer without much technical knowledge about mobile devices experiences when purchasing a phone


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