Need a cleaning service for your BlackDroid? Try SD Maid

Seems I’ve downloaded too many apps onto my DTEK50! Luckily I’ve run across an app called SD Maid in Google Play. As it turns out there is both a free and a paid version, but either one can easily fit your needs. The Devs over at ‘darken’ developed this app and according to Google Play, SD Maid contains –

* Explorer: A full-fledged file manager.
* Searcher: Helps you find files by name or content.
* AppControl: Allows you to manage installed user and system applications.
* CorpseFinder: Removes data belonging to already uninstalled applications.
* SystemCleaner: Removes known unwanted files. You can adjust results by choosing different filters or creating your own.
* Biggest: Gives you an overview where you storage is being used up.
* Databases: Improves database size and performance.
* LastModified: Can show you which files have been altered in a chosen time period.


I would strongly suggest anyone having storage issues to head over to Google Play and download this app.

If you use another File Cleaning app please feel free to let us know which one in the Comments and what features you enjoy.



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  • Brad

    Who doesn’t need a good corpse finder now and then?

    • razrrob

      Rev Grim needs no help in that department