Navfree 3 – Native Offline Maps Navigation App Released!

I like the Maps app that comes with the BB10 phones. It does its job and well. I really wanted an offline maps app so I purchased Mireo Don’t Panic as soon as it was available, and its been excellent too.

But along comes a new player (for BlackBerry World) in native turn by turn navigation apps. Navfree 3 is here, and like Mireo it can store your desired map on your device which is great for not using data unnecessarily.

Traffic, Weather, Hazards, and more!
Traffic, Weather, Hazards, and more!

Maps are not available for every region, but it looks like Navfree 3 has openstreetmaps available for North America and Europe plus many other locations covered.
As stated, Navfree 3 is a native BlackBerry app, not a port from Android. Nice to see! I hear that it has great turn by turn directions, but at this time does not include street names. Mireo does not include street names either, and without discount is approx. $25.00 for an offline NA map. Navfree (as its name suggests) is free, and unlike its annoying Android counterparts, is without ads.
The map I chose is for Canada in its entirety, and was a little over 650mb. At the time of this writing you cannot save the map to SD card. I hope that comes with a later release.

Great looking interface.
Great looking interface.

I’ll be taking this app for a spin after supper on the way to band practice. Can’t wait! I’ll update with my findings tonight (late) or tomorrow morning.

Grab Navfree 3 here.

Discuss in the forums here.



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