Native or Snapped?


Tumbleweeds1I’m curious, does it really matter?

I have been running Android apps on my BlackBerry ever since we have had the ability. To be honest, with most I have found little or no difference to a native application. Furthermore, were we not given this ability for a reason? A BlackBerry 10 device was designed with versatility in mind so that we, the user, can be the most productive. It does not make a lot of sense then to proclaim “if it’s not native, I’m not using it! ” Hah! That would be lopping off your nose to spite your face!


The latest scandal would probably be Foursquare (I don’t use it myself, but many do). They have decided that they would better serve their customer base by splitting into two apps; one mainly to find places and things…the other to find where your friends are; good for them, they are thinking about the end user. This has people crossing their arms and declaring “if we don’t get native I’m not using it!”. Sucks to be you… you’re going to miss out on a lot. Don’t forget, these developers know BlackBerry 10 runs Android apps as well as any Android device, so why should they waste time they could be using to develop more great apps for us?

And those developers that will only work on one platform, they are only limiting themselves. Don’t let their judgements and bias narrow your opportunities.




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