Nathan Fillion Stars as Uncharted’s Nathan Drake

This is not your regular fan film.

Are you a fan of Uncharted? Are you a fan of Nathan Fillion? Are you one of the many that think Nathan Fillion would make a great Nathan Drake? Well we have just the video for you.

“Uncharted – Live Action Fan Film” popped up suddenly on YouTube today. But this is far from your typical fan film. Coming in at nearly 15 minutes, this is a professionally shot, action packed, film starring the real Nathan Fillion. Directed by Canadian film maker Allan Ungar, who also co-wrote the piece with Jesse Wheeler, you’ll surely think you’re watching the beginning of a movie. Ok, perhaps not a movie bound for the big screen, but definitely something you’d enjoy watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Now, I’m not gonna fib. I’m not a gamer. This fan film is the first I’ve heard of Nathan Drake. Oh well. However the comments on the YouTube video are full of viewers that are mesmerized with how true to the game the action is. And of course, since it’s Nathan Fillion, there is a fair amount of humor.

What do you think? Are you a fan? Would you like to see more of these fan-shorts?


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