NASA’s Last Call to Send You to the Sun!

NASA wants to take you to the Sun!

The Parker Solar Probe is readying itself to take a trip where no man has gone before…probably because he’d die. On a mission to get a close up view of our most visible star, NASA is sending the probe into the Sun’s atmosphere to collect valuable data on the heavenly body. Collaborating with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, NASA plans to launch in the Summer of 2018.

They want you to come along, but hurry… time is almost up!

If you’re a space nerd, you might be interested to know that NASA is also loading the probe with you. They are sending a list of people on the probe to allow you to say a part of you headed into the brightest, hottest spot in the Milky Way. You can sign up to be added to the list, but the deadline is SOON! So, don’t delay!

You’ll get a confirmation email with a nifty certificate to commemorate your imminent travels into the heated heart of the solar system.

Don’t delay! Sign up now!!

Erica Davis

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