NASA Says That The Vacuum Of Space Is Full

Space Is Full Of What?

NASA has reported that the vacuum of space is full. Dave always thought the vacuum in the news studio full of Blah 3’s left over food wrappers. Is the vacuum of space filled with garbage from earth and the other alien planets? What is filling the void of space?  More importantly, are we in danger becoming space dust?

To investigate this story from NASA, we’ve sent The Good Doctor to outer space to find out the truth.

The All Seeing Orb joins The Good Doctor out in space and reveals something we never knew about him. Something mysterious about a giant human eyeball? What does it have to do with outer space? Is he an illegal alien? What is he hiding?


Sports and Weather Together Before The News

If you haven’t watched This Just In News recently, why not? We have added sports and weather together! Blah 3 delivers the sports scores while The Good Doctor gives us what’s happening with our weather in his Global Warming Weather Report!


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