NASA Says 2017 May Be Award-Winning

NASA nominated for Webby Awards for their online engagement in 2017.

The solar eclipse of 2017 was a milestone moment for our nation, and NASA was the pioneer for communicating and engaging with the space nerds that invested themselves in the event.

Also, in 2017, NASA experienced the grand finale of Cassini, a joint endeavor spacecraft that explored the Saturnian system. This came after a 20 year journey from concept to execution to retirement and yielded incredible discoveries about our ringed planet.

2017 also proved to be a big year for NASA developing the narrative for our inevitable Journey to Mars.

All of these events played out over social media through services like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. It is because of this online engagement with followers, fueled by their ever-persistent quest to educate and advocate for space exploration, that NASA has now been nominated for six Webby Awards.

Webby Award is the highest online that online media content can obtain. For NASA to win any of these awards will bring even more notoriety and awareness to their future scientific exploits.

Voting is now open and remains open until April 10. Sign up and cast your vote now!

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