NantHealth acquires NaviNet, Inc

Yesterday NantHealth announced their acquisition of NaviNet, Inc resulting in a more integrated, seamless health care system by coordinating efforts between payers (typically insurance companies) and providers (hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, etc).

According to Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NantHealth-

The acquisition of NaviNet completes our 10-year vision at NantWorks and NantHealth to integrate and coordinate our complex healthcare ecosystem from the knowledge domain, to the care delivery domain and now to the payer domain, as a single sign-on, seamless, cloud-based, secure adaptive learning system for patients, payers, and providers. NaviNet has a tremendous, long-term customer base of more than 40 health plans – Blue Cross Blue Shield payers, Aetna, Cigna, and many others – a nationwide network of more than 450,000 active end-users across all 50 states, and an All-Payer Access provider portal to 450+ commercial and government plans nationally built on NaviNet Open, the company’s payer-provider collaboration platform. This cloud-based system allows provider access to over 90% of covered lives in the United States and will serve as a transformative platform for the communication of cutting-edge knowledge to all.”

With BlackBerry providing their Enterprise security via BES12, this looks like a major step forward for health care cost containment.


Just another way BlackBerry and its’ partners lead by example!


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  • Ninja

    crApple things people say about people include that their favourite brand is so secure and private. Well, where is crApple in the healthcare and military industry? Where’s crApple in the security-conscious minds? They’re so busy collecting their revenues from average consumers.

    In the meantime, BlackBerry is securing whatever needs to be secured with BES and through acquisitions of security firms.

    iToys are for average mediocre users. BlackBerry is for all useful things and also good for gaming especially that it has good specs and great battery :D

  • BB Racer !!

    Real Health Channel secured Communications in Healthcare …beyond Fitbit , iWatch health apps