MyMedRec lands in BlackBerry World. Keep your Health Records close at hand.

Nice to see that some people know how to develop for more than two platforms.

Previously available only on iOS, MyMedRec is now available for BlackBerry 10 and Android.  With the announcement of BlackBerry’s partnership with Nanthealth, this is a welcome addition to the ecosystem.  It was developed in Canada with the input of  seven leading organizations – Rx and D (Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies) • Canadian Medical Association (CMA) • Canadian Pharmacists (CPhA) • Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) • Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) • The Best Medicines Coalition (BMC) • The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada).

MyMedRec ” is a portable up to date health record that can be easily shared with your family, doctor, nurse, pharmacist or anyone else involved in your healthcare. It keeps track of the medicines that you and your family members are taking and many other elements related to your health. Use it to remind you when to take a dose and when to refill your prescription. With MyMedRec, all of your important health information is saved in one easily accessible place.”  It’s a pretty comprehensive app, and can handle multiple profiles (for those have family that need assistance).  As you can see from the following infographic.


Interestingly, the app was launched on Android and BlackBerry simultaneously.  At least some developers realize the power and simplicity of the new BlackBerry 10 platform that makes converting Android apps a breeze.

So if you know someone who may benefit, please spread the word.

LINK:  MyMedRec in BlackBerry World