MyFitnessPal Users Victims of Data Breach

150 million users information has been accessed.

MyFitnessPal is a nice app. I’ve used it before. Primarily a method of counting calories, it offers a nice feature set. You can utilize your smartphone’s camera to scan UPC’s to instantly add food to your log. It will connect with wearables to track your activity, and count that against your caloric intake. In 2015 Under Armor purchased the app, but left the apps name in place. Showing just how popular the app is. Now users have found that this very useful app, has suffered a data breach, and user information has been accessed.

The breach occurred in February, when an “unauthorized” party broke in and accessed user’s data. This data included usernames, email addresses, and hashed passwords. Payment information was not breached as that is taken care of via a separate system.

Under Armor claims to have first learned of the incident on Sunday, and began an investigation. Users are now being alerted to the breach. MyFitnessPal is forcing password resets out for customers and are advising users watch accounts for suspicious activity.

Once again, it’s always a good idea to use different logins and passwords for each of your accounts. While this breach may be for a service which some may not be too concerned with their data being made public, users that share passwords among accounts now need to be concerned for their other accounts.

BlackBerry users have the BlackBerry Password Manager application preinstalled on their devices which can store passwords easily for all of your accounts. The app will judge the strength of your password, and even generate strong random passwords for you. Perhaps this breach would be a good reminder that it’s time to give Password Keeper a try?



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