My Turn for an Opinion



I have been quietly reading and watching stocks and what I have been seeing is quite disturbing to me. In fact, in a time when we see anti-bullying campaigns and the importance of fairplay being preached in schools, the workplace and even politics… we see nothing but lying, cheating and stealing in the corporate world. The ones with the money for lawsuits, for the best lawyers and to pay off judges or lobbyists. Well, they’re the ones that will get ahead. Generals Motors gets away with killing people through faulty ignitions this year. Last year it was something else. If you do some research in to Apple 2954894850_troll_answer_2_xlargeyou will see that as a company they have destroyed anythingthat gets  in the way of the path to success. I am at odds at what I can do, today I read about how BlackBerry stock will crash shortly, how it is suffering even more loss this quarter than before. This information is, of course, false. BlackBerry has its fingers in many pies and all of those pies are trending right now. Security in hardware as well as software for communication. Security in IoT. Complete systems for many applications through QNX (many or most) vehicles will rely on this for communication with the driver, and your fancy Apple system won’t run without it. Neither will Android, or Windows for that matter.


Now tell me why all the predictions of doom and gloom for a company that’s on top of all of this?

Simple, the people with the clout invested in the wrong place. They bet on the wrong horse. The little Canadian company from Waterloo couldn’t possible know something that wasn’t discovered in silicon valley, or China, or Korea? Or could they?

Let’s help shut these people up!


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