My Quest for the Perfect BlackBerry


I get bored easily. My attention span is minscule.

These two statements make it difficult for me to use the same device for very long. BlackBerry has several wonderful phones, and I have owned almost all the current devices. I switch back and forth between my Z30 and Classic often. The only BlackBerry 10 device I haven’t owned is the Leap, but I’ll be getting one of those for my wife.
You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with anyone reading UTB. My point is that BlackBerry has the selection to keep people like me from getting bored. With most (I say most because t Priv is Android and certainly not boring) Android and all ios devices there is no choice except maybe size.

BlackBerry has currently a slab, a full KB, a full Capacitive KB and a slider.

BlackBerry also now has the choice of two different operating systems. More variety for me. More choice for you.

I would drive me crazy to be stuck with a slab, a bigger slab, then maybe a different colour slab. But then if you’re an ios user you likely don’t have much interest in variety, how could you? Ios doesn’t have an app for imagination. You likely do well in society, you fit in your pigeonhole all neetly tucked away to drone your humdrum day. That’s ok because you’re happy with this.


I am not. I want variety. I want my BlackBerry. I’m even happy that I now can choose Android OS if I want. So my quest for the perfect BlackBerry will continue, soon I will buy a Priv. I want the experience and the choice and it’s proving to be a fun ride.



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