My Priv, Tell Me How I will Like it.


Well, I don’t have one yet but I’ve been following the media as well as people lucky enough to get one already.
Being a BlackBerry 10 user I admit I was a bit skeptical about this device because, well, it isn’t BB10. That’s another story. What piqued my interest was how interested many of the Android blogs have become, it’s nice to see the rapid acceptance with most of them. There have been a few with terrible reviews, but based on what they wrote they haven’t even used the device. They’re repeating the same garbage they said about devices that run BB10. Devices that have proven to be very good, such as the Classic and the Passport. Further reseach shows these bloggers hate generally everything that doesn’t have an Apple on it.
What I’ve noticed as well are the positive reviews all over social media, even though many have hardly had the time to use the device long enough to really dig into it. That the main reason you haven’t seen a review here yet. The guys that have on are busy playing with it. So please, if you were lucky enough to get one today send us your thoughts.


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