My First Two Months with the SE Passport

Well, to be honest I was a little apprehensive about the size of the Passport and whether I’d get on with a PKB over the Z10 VKB and I’m pleased to say the size isn’t an issue at all, and the keyboard? Wow! I’m so much faster typing than I used to be, after a few teething problems, mainly having a Z in conversations here and there thinking I was hitting a shift button that doesn’t exist, I’ve found I’m doing all my blogs on it, including this one, it’s a handheld PC!


I love the OTG compatibility, transferring files from PC to the phone, like my music, I like to have my new stuff on a USB key to play around the house in the various Xbox’s but now I can listen to them on the Passport when out and about too, especially with the awesome speakers on the Passport!

The battery life? Well, what can I say? I used to top up charge the Z10 most days in the early evening. Now though, well I do a lot more work on this power horse and have only had to top up once in the (just over) two months I’ve been using the beast! I’m averaging around 21 hours on a busy day!


The looks I’ve had too, people see the SE in my hand and just want to look at it, usually with the ‘wow, is that a BlackBerry? I didn’t know they still existed!’. A family friend, whose wife and kids have always been Samsung users since I don’t know when have ALL moved over to BlackBerry, a Passport, Z30, Leap and a Porsche 9982! (I am a little jealous of that one) but for a family of four to drop the known for the relative unknown is a huge step and outlay, all the phones bought unlocked without contract.

Even Mrs Grim, after seeing me with the SE – yes I got the Sexy Edition – only went two weeks with her Z10, before running out and getting an SE herself! Her battery life is unbelievable, she goes three days between charges!

The few Android apps that I do have on it work flawlessly, which is quite funny as I tried them on a Kindle Fire HD and a 10″ Acer thing on Lollipop, and both were laggy and crashed! Android apps actually work better on an operating system they weren’t designed to work on! And before you ask, no, I’m not going to embarrass the developers, but needless to say I have emailed them.

So all in all, this is definitely the best phone out there, fast, comfortable, long battery life, amazing screen and sound, the only thing it doesn’t do is make the tea for Biggly, Briz and I…


Mr Chen, the nest OS update needs that fixing, otherwise, well done on a near perfect phone!

So until next time my happy BlackBerrians don’t forget to join on on my BBM channels

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Reverend Grim

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