My Conversation with an iDiot


Like the title says, I had a conversation with an iDiot today.  Not an idiot in the typical sense of the word as he was a university graduate and was generally – well, mostly – well-spoken. I was sitting at my desk and across the foyer of the university where I work, there was a technology display being put on today. Anyway, the day goes on, everything gets set up and I’m seeing a lot of Macs. There was also a guy with a Chromebook so I went over to ask how he likes it and if it meets his own personal needs.  His response was “It’s OK, not great, but it mostly does what I need it to. I much prefer my new MacBook Air though because it works really well with my iPhone.”
So I brought him over to my desk to show him my Asus Transformer Book, because I had Blend connected.  He seemed pretty surprised that a little old BlackBerry from the beginning of 2013 could do so much.

Anyway, this is where things got weird.

He mentioned he’s from Waterloo, Ontario – the home of BlackBerry – and that he used to use a Blackberry Bold and loved the physical keyboard. The reason he does not use BlackBerry 10 was because the Android apps his business uses won’t work with BlackBerry 10.

I said things got weird, right? HE HAS AN IPHONE – not an Android.

So let’s get this straight. His company uses Android apps for business, he has an iPhone, and the reason he doesn’t use use BlackBerry 10 is because Android apps don’t work with BlackBerry.

Reality Check: BlackBerry 10 has been able to directly install and run APK files since blackberry 10.2.1, and as of 10.3 the Amazon Appstore comes pre-installed. There really is no excuse not to use BlackBerry 10; it is the most versatile mobile OS on the market with best-in-class multitasking. What you have experienced reading this short article is the ignorance of an iDiot – what are your experiences of iDiocy? Tell us in the comments!