“My BlackBerry”…Say It Again Sam



A long time ago, before the iPhone was released, there were only two types of mobile phone devices on the market: phones and BlackBerrys. When you referred to your phone — a dumb phone that was usually a Nokia or a Motorola — you said “my phone”, and when you referred to your BlackBerry, you said “my BlackBerry”. BlackBerrys were far more than just phones, and despite what the BlackBerry haters say, they still are.

Back then, BlackBerry users were rabidly passionate and addicted to their BlackBerrys, giving birth to the term “CrackBerry”. It was at that time that I saw a job ad by a company that was looking for people who were extremely passionate about technology. Their ad included this text:

Do you get into the Windows vs Mac wars or the Vi vs Emacs wars ? Do you get angry when somebody calls your BlackBerry a “phone” ?

You get the idea.

Fast forward several years. BlackBerry’s market share has shrunk dramatically, the media doesn’t want to talk about anything other than the iPhone, and I never hear anybody say “my BlackBerry”, not even BlackBerry users. What happened ? Did BlackBerry users lose their passion ? Are they ashamed ? Are they afraid of being berated by iPhone users or Android users ? Why are they saying “my phone”, and no longer saying “my BlackBerry” ?

Over the past several years, iPhone fans and Android fans have put lots of pressure on BlackBerry users, trying to shame them into ditching their BlackBerrys for iPhones or Android phones. I don’t know if that’s the reason why BlackBerry users stopped calling their BlackBerrys “BlackBerrys”, and started calling them “phones”, but I’m willing to bet that not saying “BlackBerry” is hurting BlackBerry’s exposure, and could be one reason why BlackBerry doesn’t come to mind when some non-BlackBerry users consider getting a new phone.

Regardless, the fix is simple: stop telling people you have a “phone” and start telling them you have a BlackBerry. Say it loud, and say it proud. Give your BlackBerry the exposure it deserves. Don’t be ashamed, shy nor afraid. Be bold, be proud and tell it like it is. You don’t have a phone, you have a BlackBerry. Your BlackBerry.

After all, that device you have is more than just a phone, it’s a BlackBerry.


I'm programmer with 13 years experience, and a former electronics technician. My first BlackBerry was a Z10, and I'm now rocking a Passport.

  • jrohland

    I make it a point to shame the fools who DON’T have a BlackBerry.

  • E

    I still say “my BlackBerry” more often than not. I’m always thrilled to show off and share my fantastic device. Most people look at me like I’m clueless for not getting with the trendy times, but I’m happy in the knowledge that my BlackBerry is superior, and I don’t need anyone’s affirmation to know I’m right. It’s all about my BlackBerry.

  • Hey… you want me? You’ll get me on my BlackBerry.

  • deltact

    I make it a point to let everyone know through my email signature because I’m proud of my BlackBerry.

  • DickLewis13

    I always say My BlackBerry. Then add model.

  • jackielive

    I’m definitely a My BlackBerry person. Why wouldn’t I be? Let me put your details on my BlackBerry. Do you have NFC I have a new BlackBerry and I will give you the new number (typical response to that is, what’s NFC). Can we BBM is a favourite question of mine, you do have a BlackBerry don’t you? No I have a Samsung is the usual response. Why you bothering with shit like that is my response.
    I’ll just pop that time on my BlackBerry Calender, that way I won’t forget and my BlackBerry will be sure to notify me.
    Wait I have to get my BlackBerry out and take a photo of that.
    Do you like the song by…Wait I will play you the song on my BlackBerry it’s my favourite at the moment.
    Did you see the episode in the series….here have a look on my BlackBerry it was hilarious.
    Here take my BlackBerry and do a search for the product and prices on Amazon.
    Oh you need me to sign it and return it asap, I will sign and scan it from my BlackBerry it will be with you in two ticks.
    That noise is an alert my BlackBerry is telling me my flight has been delayed, oh there you go it’s on the screen now. BlackBerry was right.
    Wait a minute I’ll just run a report together on the BlackBerry and email it over, be about half an hour, is that ok?
    Yes of course I have an application form form for you to join, it’s on my BlackBerry emailing it now.
    What’s the address I’m slightly lost, OK I’ve put it into the BlackBerry it will direct me there now. Thanks.
    I feel stupid talking to my BlackBerry but the BlackBerry Assistant is really quite cool.

    You all get the drift don’t you lol

  • iamivanwilliams

    “…hit me on my BlackBerry!”

  • Zensen

    There’s shame? I know what my BlackBerry does and it does it well.

    My issue is the lack of exposure BlackBerry has due to BlackBerry themselves.

    It takes time to reenter consumer channels and as such sales ppl aren’t being educated on the avid vintages of a BlackBerry and then that depends if that carrier even carries it in store. It’s bad enough it’s tucked away in the back corners of the carriers website.

    BlackBerry enterprise focus on software is fine but here’s hoping they continue to push out new devices that deserve the exposure they put out via marketing and partnerships.

    Most of the ppl I know, know if carry a BlackBerry and that’s fine.

    I don’t need to be educating sales ppl.

  • Anthony

    I have no issue saying my phone is a “BlackBerry” and my Passport is quite conspicuous. locco_smiley_39

  • Alan

    Yes, my BlackBerry.

  • Bartron. I think you’re right, but I also think most of the folks that visit UTB are the “creme de la creme” of BlackBerry fans, so they are the ones that probably never stopped saying “My BlackBerry” or stopped for a very short period of time. I love my Berries and don’t hide them.