My BlackBerry KEYone Video Rig

What’s my best camera for blog videos? The BlackBerry KEYone!

I’ve got to admit, I was very surprised to discover that the best camera for my needs of making videos for the site, was none other than the BlackBerry KEYone. Compared to far too many digital cameras, action cameras, and video cameras, the KEYone proved to to exactly what I needed, and with the quality I wanted. But I can’t really sit there and hold the camera now can I? No, of course not, so I proceeded to build myself a KEYone camera rig.

The video below serves as an example of the quality I’m getting. Go ahead and compare it to my previous videos, I’m sure you’ll be as surprised as I was. I then break down the rig to show you the various pieces and how it comes together.

I promised I would provide links to the parts in the blog post, so if you’d like to build yourself a video rig like mine, all the pieces can be grabbed from Amazon from the links below.

Movo Smartphone Video Grip Rig with LED Light: This is the heart of the beast. Serving as a handle when walking around, or screwing it on to the tripod, this is what grips the phone, and other pieces attach to. I opted for the setup with the included LED light, but the grip can also be found without a light, or with an included microphone.

Ulanzi PT-1 Microphone Cold Shoe Plate: There are plenty of different types of arms and attachments to choose from out there. With the Movo’s Cold Shoe adapter and three tripod mount locations, I really only needed and wanted to attach one additional accessory. I went with this one small arm for portability, and it works very well.

2 Pack Hot Shoe Adapter: Sure, I only needed one, but these are inexpensive, and small, so I’m sure I’ll end up losing one and needing a spare at some point in time.

Zoom H1 Digital Recorder: I’ve owned this for a while, and I love it. This little recorder does everything. With an input for an external mic, and an output that you can use to either monitor recordings from headphones, or feed the audio directly into your DSLR or video camera, this little recorder really does it all, and it fits right in the palm of your hand. With my kit, I’ll be recording audio separately with the Zoom and the KEYone and will be able to choose the best audio to use in post.

So there you have it, all the pieces of my current video rig, which has been built around the awesome BlackBerry KEYone. Let me know what you think in the comments.



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