My Must Have Android Apps

Android has apps. Lot’s of them. But what do we really use?

A few days ago, one of our friends made the transition from a BlackBerry Passport to a BlackBerry Mobile KEYone. He asked me the question that we all ask when we find ourselves on Android, “What apps should I get?” Well, that’s not an easy question.

One of the best things about Android, is also one of the most frustrating. There’s apps. Lots of apps. Dare I say, too many apps? If we need an app that will do process x, we can be pretty sure that there will be several apps for that. Some are good, many are bad. Finding the good ones can be a chore in itself. I’m not going to lie, when I first found myself on my BlackBerry Priv, I found myself very frustrated looking for apps. But I think I’ve finally found my perfect combo of “go to apps”, but that combination is extremely personal. What I want and need, are not going to be what someone else wants or needs. But I have no problem sharing what I use.

It should go without saying that my primary apps are BlackBerry apps. That’s what makes my BlackBerry Android phone, a BlackBerry phone. From the BlackBerry Hub, to BBM, to Notable to DTEK, I use most of these apps daily. If you’re not, you really should. For this post, I’m only going to be focusing on third party apps. So let’s get started.

Asus File Manager

Of course, one of the first things any BB10 user will be looking for if they step into the world of BlackBerry Android will be a proper file manager. File manager’s are plentiful, and I personally tried numerous file manager apps before finding one that works for me. There was a time, not too long ago, that I was using multiple file manager apps, but after some time, I found myself really only using the Asus File Manager. It’s a simple solution, that works. I’d still prefer the BB10 file manager, but this works, and works well.

Amazon Apps

I admit it. I love Amazon. My love of Amazon started with my little friend Alexa, which got me started on Amazon Prime. Now I’m addicted to Amazon Music which, with prime gives me unlimited skipping, no commercials, and I can play specific songs when I want to hear them. Bye bye Pandora. Amazon Drive has also become my primary cloud service. You get 5gb free and unlimited photo storage included with Prime, and for a nominal annual fee, you can get unlimited cloud storage. The Android app is great, easily as good as any other cloud app I’ve used, but be warned, the PC app may just be the worst PC cloud app I’ve ever seen.

RSS Savvy

RSS Savvy is an RSS reader app. Shocking I know. It’s a great news reader app, fully featured and user friendly. With a nice RSS app, who needs individual apps for their favorite websites? I don’t. I use RSS Savvy. (Hint, just search for to add our feed)

Photoshop without Photoshop

Picsart, PhotoLayers,  and Background Eraser.  I gave an overview of these three apps here. All I can say is I love these three apps, and if you use all three of them together, you’ll find you can easily “Photoshop without Photoshop”


Twitter is the only social media app I have on my phone (besides BBM of course!). You definitely won’t find Facebook on my phone, although I’ll admit that I sometimes install Instagram from time to time until I get bored of it and delete it. While I still don’t really get Instagram, Twitter is my primary newsfeed.

Where’s the games?

I admit it. I have games on my BlackBerry Android phone. Two of them. I have Clash of Clans and Boom Beach They’re both relatively fun time wasters when I have time to waste, which isn’t often. But recently when I want to waste time, there’s another app I use.


Geek is a shopping app for Wish Inc. The best way to describe it is imported cheap knockoff gadgets. I tend to have something ordered from Geek at any given time. It feels like the grab bag prizes we used to get at school fairs. You don’t know if it will be something good or garbage, but at the end of the day, it was cheap, and it gave you something fun to open.

And there you have it. There are my go-to apps. When I first got on my BlackBerry Priv, I’ll admit I downloaded a ton of apps, yet I realized quickly that most of those apps may have been opened once or twice, and then I would delete them. Shockingly, what I used to say about BlackBerry 10 and Android was true. I didn’t need the apps. The majority of what I use are BlackBerry apps that are preinstalled on the phone yet there are a few gems out there, that now I would hate to do without. I shared mine, what are yours?


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