Multitasking – Why Some Just Can’t Measure Up?

In the past, we  have spoken at length about the multitasking capabilities of BB10 and what sets it apart.  We have continuously discussed why an OS that can handle multitasking is vastly superior to one that can only complete one task as a time.

For those of you who missed it, the first time I experienced the power of this multitasking capability in BB10 was shortly after I purchased my first BB10 device, a BlackBerry Z10 shortly after launch.  I did a forum post about this and in those days UTB did not yet exist so I will tell the story again.

Late one evening I was getting ready to watch a movie with my wife.  The light were off, TV was on and I was responding to a few texts before popping the movie in.  One of the texts consisted of a link to a YouTube video from a friend. I started watching the video.  At this point, my wife asked, where the remote for the TV was.  Being as the lights were off,  I minimized the YouTube video which continued to play and turned on the flashlight on my Z10 (at the time this was an app as it had not been added to the OS just yet).  To my surprise, the YouTube video continued to play as the flashlight was on and I was searching for the remote.  During that time, I received another text that I was able to respond to as the video and flashlight were both still doing their thing.

At the time, I was blown away.  My wife, an iPhone user, also couldn’t believe that I just did all those things without having to close any apps.  Today, we take for granted just how powerful BB10 really is.  And this was no more clear than what happened over the weekend.  Although my wife was very impressed, she remains an iPhone user due to the commitment to the App store along with the fact that the majority of her family uses Facetime and some likely believe there is no alternative.  They have fallen prey to the marketing machine that is Apple.

Back to the point of the story.  My wife, like many other smartphone users today, is a Candy Crush addict.  She has been stuck on a level for several week and this weekend she finally passed it.  Herein lies the problem.  As the Candy Crush app was tallying her score to move onto the next level, she received a text (imessage) from her mother.  Now that iOS has added instant notification (toast notification as we know them from 2 years ago), she clicked on the notification only to be taken to her messaging app to respond.  What happened next just goes to show just how lacking iOS really is.  She went back into the Candy Crush app, only to find out that the level she just passed had not saved and she had to do it all over again.  That’s right, the app was closed when she opened the messaging app causing it to not save her progress.

Now I know what you are thinking. Candy Crush, big deal. And with that I agree fully.  But what if she had been doing something important?  What if it was a document (can iOS do that)?  The point is, app are great and all but if the phone they are designed for isn’t really built to handle them like a true smartphone should, then what really is the point?  I’m sure if you ask Apple they will just tell you to buy an ipod on the side to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

When will people realize they are being sold a sub par product at inflated prices?  When will they wake up and realize they fell for the marketing campaigns hook like and sinker?   When will they come #backtoblack?